Knitters and crocheters rejoice! A new yarn shop opened in Hastings over Thanksgiving weekend.

Muse2320 Fiber Co. officially opened for business Saturday, Nov. 24 at 113 E. Second St. Suite 103. The shop sells patterns, kits, embroidery supplies, yarn and soon to include a special Muse2320 line.

The cozy shop, nestled between United Way of Hastings and El Mexican, has been a long time coming for owner Sara Lawrence and her husband Bob. The couple has always known that a shop would be in their future.

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"Bob and I have always wanted to build something like this together. You know, for 10 years we have talked about what that would look like," Lawrence said. "Finally, we just came to the point where it was time. Now is the right time to do this. It is time to be who we were created to be."

In addition to selling products, Muse2320 will also offer social groups and classes.

Starting in January, the shop will host two social groups - Halfway to Friday and Stitch Society.

The Halfway to Friday session will be held 6-8 p.m. every Wednesday. Stitch Society will meet from noon to 2 p.m. on Sundays. Both group meetings will be free to attend.

"We are just hoping to create a warm, inviting and creative atmosphere for people to come together," Lawrence said. "Bob has a lot of wonderful ideas, like 'Knit-flicks.' We would get together and knit while watching some old movies projected up on the wall. Or listen to old radio programs while we just come together in a creative way."

As for classes, Lawrence is hoping to offer classes in knitting, crocheting, macrame, embroidery and more.

Lawrence studied fine arts at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and has always had a fascination with textile arts.

"It is something that I have learned from the women on my mom's side of the family. There is a lot of hand crafts that have been passed down over the generations," Lawrence said. "When I started to do research regarding acid dyes with yarn, it was just like pandora's box. The lid just got blown off."

Dyeing yarn, Lawrence said, requires an understanding of color theory and chemistry. She loves seeing the two come together to create something unique and beautiful. The Muse2320 line of yarns will all be super-wash, merino hand-dyed yarn.

The purpose of the storefront isn't just to sell yarn and other fiber arts materials, but also give people a creative community space.

"I absolutely love hearing people tell about who taught them to crochet or their journey of learning to knit and how they stumbled through that process and then they finally got it. There was success and they still want to learn," Lawrence said. "That's what we hope is unique about our space. We are inviting people into their own journey, into their own process, into their own expression through fiber arts."

Creating new from the old

Many items that you can find around the brick-and-mortar shop is reused or repurposed in some fashion.

One cabinet that holds many of the yarns was pulled out of the St. Paul post office after sitting in a barn for over 50 years, according to Lawrence. A second old mail sorting box sits in the store as well.

"We have old pieces and cash registers - all sorts of found objects all over the store, including buttons and matchbooks," Lawrence said. "It's kind of been a fun point of contact for us to come together and get things that inspire us."

Not only are the shelves and other items around the shop repurposed, but the second phase of the business includes a vintage soda fountain and vintage candy corner. Once the soda fountain is up and running, Lawrence hopes to do pour over coffees and hand-pressed teas, adding to the comforting atmosphere of the space.