Move over, Marie Kondo - there is a new organizational master in town.

New resident and owner of Method Organization Co., Melanie Baker got her start in organization when she was building custom closets for homes.

"People started wanting me to put their stuff back in the closet and organize everything for them. I realized that I really liked it," Baker said.

She opened Method Organization Co. in 2008 in Rapid City, S.D.

After reconnecting with classmate and Hastings resident, Tom Wright, at a high school reunion, the two fell in love. Baker closed most of her business in South Dakota, moved to Rosemount this past September and now has set up shop Hastings.

The business offers a wide range of services, from custom closets to organizing estate sales, but Baker's main specialty is providing senior move management services.

"It's kind of a weird thing. I was helping someone do decluttering in their home for real estate preparation and their neighbor asked if we could move their mom into an assisted living place, and I said sure," Baker said. "I kind of realized then that was super rewarding for me. I love working with seniors."

For the last seven years, Baker changed her business model and put her focus into helping seniors make the transition from their homes to senior living facilities, while still providing other services.

Another aspect that Baker wants to bring to the Hastings community is education. One way she does that is through events that she calls Lunch and Learns.

During these workshops, Baker explains how to declutter, prepare for downsizing and other topics.

"That's really important. I think a lot of people don't know how to even make the first step. They are feeling super overwhelmed, and they may not move because they don't feel equipped to downsize," Baker said. "We help them learn how to do estate sales, how to do a timeline of when they should change their mail over, when they should change their utilities over - give them all the options so they don't feel paralyzed to stay in the same situation."

For more information on Method Organization Co. or updates on Lunch and Learn sessions, visit or call 612-274-6684.