Barin Hansch wears a T-shirt that asks the question: "Are your windows dirty?"

This query usually gets people to smile, stop and perhaps think in the affirmative.

Many are inclined to approach him and ask about the small business, We Shine Windows, in Farmington.

Hansch, 28, is a Farmington High School graduate who began building a business plan while in high school. He compiled market research and investigated competitors' prices.

"I thought it looked interesting and there are a lot of windows in the world and someone has got to do it," Hansch said. "I don't use any kind of chemicals - I just use regular soap and just pure water," he said, along with plenty of elbow grease and excellent customer service and people skills he takes pride in.

After practicing to clean his family and friends' windows, he mastered the skill of window washing.

"Then their friends keep wanting me to come out to their house and it grew into a business and it is expanding and still expanding," Hansch said. "I love working with people and for myself and getting in front of the community."

Even though his key target for business is Farmington, he travels to Rosemount and surrounding cities and townships.

Cleaning process

After he finishes window washing, many clients comment they have never seen their home windows so clean.

It is like putting on a new pair of glasses, Hansch said.

The rule is homeowners should have windows cleaned in the fall and spring, and commercial businesses may choose to have windows cleaned year-round.

We Shine Windows utilize a 40-foot system with a natural, chemical-free cleaning method.

"We Shine Windows uses a purified water system that takes water from a garden hose and it goes through three different filters, so it becomes the cleanest water that you can get," Hansch said.

Some people worry about their home's siding and that is not an issue with the chemical-free cleaning system. Besides window washing, the company will clean window seals, screen and even do screen repair.

"Getting your screens clean helps to prevent and keep windows cleaner longer and what makes your window actually dirty is when you have a screen that is dirty," he said. "You are not supposed to spray windows with a garden hose because that is what leaves hard water spots that can leave stains and ruin windows, so after your spray wash a house, you need to clean windows to remove all the hard water and dirt that sticks to windows."

We Shine Windows offers free job estimates for residential and commercial window cleaning.

Hansch plans to offer other ways to lighten windows this winter. He hopes to design and install holiday lights on commercial businesses and residential homes before Christmas, along with offering a place to possibly store lights during the year.

"I clean windows all the way up until the first snowfall," he said.

Connect with We Shine Windows via Facebook and Instagram or call 612-670-2024 for an appointment.