NEW RICHMOND -- Melissa and Tim Moe were first exposed to New Richmond when they would deliver their Moe and Me candles to a boutique in town. After passing through downtown several times, Melissa and Tim fell in love with the community and decided that New Richmond was the perfect place to expand their Bittersweet Pickins brand.

“We are a store of many colors. We kind of mix it up and have things like canned goods. We kind of do a little bit of everything,” Melissa said. “This location kind of just fell into place. This became vacant … we met with the owner of the building and it just seemed like it would be a perfect location for us.”

The couple's second Bittersweet Pickins store is located at 215 South Knowles St. and has been open since June 1. The store sells home decor, new and antiques, clothing and repurposed/upcycled furniture.

“It was a long process of getting everything up and running. We just kind of slowly moved a little bit of the other store over here. Then we needed to build a lot of things here, like the displays, and started to look for more furniture we wanted to upcycle,” Melissa said. “It took us a couple of months to get everything where we wanted it to be.”

The couples other Bittersweet Pickins store is located in St. Croix Falls, which the couple opened last year. The Moes run their candle business from their home in the Cambridge/Isanti area in Minnesota. The pair have 11 children, with Tim running the store locations and Melissa is a full-time nurse and patient care supervisor for Fairview.

“Our store is unique in the fact that it is a little bit of everything. Price wise, we have something for everybody,” Melissa said. “We will be doing more clothing in the future. We are planning to host pop-up sales in the evenings with local vendors. We are also hoping we can run some painting and up-cycling classes.”

According to Melissa, the up-cycled furniture sold at the store is created by Tim, who also runs the family’s photo booth company, Moe’s Magical Mirror. The store also sells items from a couple of other vendors, which produce some of the smaller home goods items.

Bittersweet Pickins is open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. The New Richmond store also will be open on Sundays as the holidays get closer. For more information, visit