Visiting recently, you may have been asked to register. Many have asked us why we require registration to read the news. Here’s our honest answer:

We ask users to register because it allows us to better understand which content our site visitors are engaging with most, and this helps us make decisions about where to invest our newsroom resources. As resources have become more scarce over the years, investing in the right content areas is important.

We also ask you to register because, transparently, we hope getting that step out of the way will make the decision to subscribe an easier one for you. A subscription grants you unlimited access to all of our content, not just on one site but on ALL 20+ sites within the Forum Communications news network. And a subscription funds local journalism in our communities.

Journalism isn’t free to produce. And ads, especially in today’s climate, do not provide enough support to produce the news every single day.

When you go into a grocery store, you pay for your groceries.

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When you go to the movies, you pay for your ticket.

When you want unlimited access to journalism in your local community, you pay for a subscription.

Many have already taken this step, and for those of you who are supporting us in this way, we are beyond grateful.

A digital subscription is $2.31 per week. Many of us spend double that on a cup of coffee in a single day. That amount goes to funding journalism to ensure our community does not become a news desert.

Because without us, who would tell the stories? Who would publish your milestones, your business announcements, or the memorials that honor your loved ones? Who would provide the information you and your families need to stay safe?

We ask you to register not because we’re looking to share your information. We assure you, we don’t do that. We ask you to register and, hopefully, subscribe, because we can’t do what we do without you.

Thank you for your support.