ELLSWORTH -- When her online business took over her basement, Janelle Lacy, owner of Wild Arrows Boutique, knew it was time to open a store, and she found the spot she wanted at 355 W. Main St.

“I was doing all of the prep and shipping from my basement,” Lacy said about the online version of the business she started in December 2018. “I was working by myself. It got to be too much, and I needed a separation between family and work.”

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Wild Arrows Boutique specializes in women’s clothing, which Lacy, who has a college degree in human development and family studies, said was a pleasant surprise for her.

Wild Arrows Boutique offers clothing and gift items for all ages and sizes. Steve Gardiner / RiverTown Multimedia
Wild Arrows Boutique offers clothing and gift items for all ages and sizes. Steve Gardiner / RiverTown Multimedia

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“I started in direct sales about 12 years ago,” she said. “The fashion thing kind of fell into my lap, and I learned it was something I was passionate about.”

While about 80% of her business is still online, Lacy, who was born and raised in Ellsworth, said that having the storefront has let her expand her offerings and give added benefits to area customers.

“I ship all over the United States,” she said. “I also have a great local customer base, too, that will purchase online and pick up in the store. Before we opened the store, customers were coming to my house to pick up orders. The local customers can still have the option to not pay for shipping.”

She also discovered that she could add in accessories and gift items, and customers have told her they like having a local place to pick up last-minute gift items.

“I try to bring in some unique gifts that people might not get to see elsewhere,” Lacy said. “I try to buy from other small businesses. I like to support other small businesses, and some of them do a great job of giving back to the community and to organizations.”

Each week, Lacy offers Wednesday Night Live on Facebook.

“I showcase all the clothing that has come in during the week,” she said. “The ladies can shop online, and I feel that has been especially helpful with COVID.”

Lacy said the name of the store has a personal connection.

“The arrows came from my favorite quote which is ‘Follow your arrow wherever it points.’ The wild represents my two wild boys that I have at home,” she said, “so I put the wild and the arrows together. The two arrows in the logo represent the boys, as well.”

Her sons, Brennen, 6, and Gannon, 4, and her husband, Jason, have all been involved in the opening of the store. Jason spent many evenings and weekends remodeling the space, and the boys enjoy helping out behind-the-scenes.

Lacy said she carries clothing items from small to 3XL, and she tries to have things that would appeal to all age groups.

She said one the things she enjoys most is “when somebody walks out of the fitting room, and they have something on and you can tell they are just feeling confident and feeling great. We have things for everybody here.”