The Wisconsin Mississippi River Parkway Commission received a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism of $20,000 for the promotion “Welcome Back to Wisconsin’s Great River Road.” This campaign is designed to ramp up road trips and overnight stays on the Wisconsin portion of the Great River Road in 33 communities and eight counties. The projected economic impact is $477,616.

“Welcome Back to Wisconsin’s Great River Road” is set to run midsummer through October to capitalize on the projected increase of road trips vs. flying vacations for the remainder of 2020 due to COVID-19.

The campaign will use key messages and concepts relevant to the response and reaction of social distancing requirements, the commission said in a news release.

The Wisconsin Great River Road and its 33 communities offer the refuge of the outdoors, and existing attributes including four state parks, many camping sites, and the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge.

The sales promotion is designed to benefit the attractions, shops, and eateries located along Highway 35. These businesses will be encouraged through this campaign to offer curbside pickups and grab-and-go kits which will add to the business revenue and perhaps alleviate safety concerns of visitors to the area that may be leftover from the pandemic experience, the release said.