Name: Department of Natural Resources Eagle Cam

Address: 651-296-6157



Virtual tour:

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources sponsors an EagleCam as well as other field cams that allow visitors to see wildlife up close. Since it is illegal to disturb an eagle’s nest, the EagleCam gives everyone a chance to see what they never could see in the wild, and watch an eagle family going about their daily business from an extremely close vantage point.

The home page for the EagleCam includes a short written summary of what has been developing for the eagles and any special things that viewers should be looking for as they watch the EagleCam.

Because no one can sit and watch the EagleCam constantly, the DNR has selected several highlights and provide links to those video clips featuring such events as eggs being laid or eggs hatching.

Editor's note: With the recent concerns about the coronavirus and public protests, many people are hesitant to travel — so RiverTown Multimedia has found virtual tours that our readers may take right from their own homes. They vary from live cameras to video clips to interactive web sites. All sites are located within Minnesota and Wisconsin, and we hope everyone enjoys visiting them.