The national news lately has included stories of accidents involving drivers not stopping when school buses stop to pick up or drop off kids. In the past week, said River Falls School District Transportation Director Todd Burnap, there have been four such accidents nationally.

Burnap said he'd like to remind local drivers to be cautious around school busses.

"If you see a school bus with it's flashing lights and the stop arm out, make sure you stop," said Burnap.

A vehicle that approaches a stopped school bus that is displaying flashing red warning lights, must stop not less than 20 feet from the bus and remain stopped until the bus resumes motion or the operator extinguishes the flashing red warning lights. Failure to do so could result in a fine between $30 and $300. This law does not apply to vehicles driving in the opposite direction on a divided highway but does apply if no barrier is present on a multi-lane street or highway.