RIVER FALLS -- The idea for Joe Ruiz and Jason Freese’s business Gas’d It started as a bit of a joke, but Ruiz took it seriously.

The two were commiserating about the inconvenience of filling up not only their own vehicle tanks, but their significant other’s as well. Freese came up with a vague idea, and Ruiz jumped on it.

“I said, ‘Dude, I can make this work,” Ruiz said. “I think he thought I was joking about it but the next day I was making phone calls.”

That was two years ago, and Gas’d It officially started operating in May this year. It was a long road, Ruiz said, with a lot of federal and state regulations and environmental concerns to face.

“The most difficult part about it is nobody knew how to classify us, nobody knew how to license us, how to do anything,” Ruiz said. “It was definitely difficult, it was like starting something completely from scratch.”

Now that they’re open though, the hard work is paying off.

Gas’d It is a full-service, on-demand mobile fuel company.

“So basically, we bring the gas station to you,” Ruiz said, complete with a tire check and windshield wash.

Gas’d It provides fuel for vehicles, boats and more. The team services customers in the area, stretching out to Hastings, South St. Paul, and Stillwater. When customers call, they go to meet them, Ruiz said.

Gas is delivered on a three-quarter-ton pickup, not a semi-truck, Ruiz said. Each one carries 500 gallons of fuel.

The company services both individual vehicles, as well as fleets and office parks. Service has a flat $5 delivery fee.

The feedback on the business has been great, Ruiz said, and has been his favorite part of the operation.

“I love the reaction that people have. I love that, ‘Hey, I love this service.’” he said.

The company started as a convenience, but Ruiz said it is really more than that now.

“Our biggest passion is to help people and make their lives easier,” Ruiz said. “And we want to be part of the community at all costs because that is very important.”

As the business grows, Ruiz said he hopes they can expand their connection with the community and hold future events for charities.

Learn more about the company at gasdit.com, on the Gas’d it app, or on the Gasd It Facebook page.