Hudson Lions played host to Lions from across Wisconsin at their 25th Charter Anniversary dinner held on Saturday, May 12, at the Kilkarney Golf Club.

Lions active in the formation of this group recalled walking up and down the streets of Hudson to tell the story of Lions International. One of the recruiters recalled stopping at the office of one businessman after making several contacts.

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"How many recruits do you have so far?" he asked. When told the count was up to three at that point, the businessman asked "How many do you need to form a club?" When he heard the magic number was 20 he said, "Come back when you have 19 and I will be number 20!"

The motivation worked, and the club opened with 28 members in 1987. Of them, Gordy Knudson is the remaining charter member, others having moved away or into other areas of interest.

Acknowledging that change in his address to those in attendance, Past International Director Art Marson spoke to the issue of the importance of leadership in any organization. "Strong leaders equate a strong organization," he said.

Marson went on to comment about the importance of emphasizing the service of the local club, from an annual highway clean-up to supporting the drive to eliminate measles around the world. "If we show our community our activities it will help our membership grow."

Every club needs to be willing to change, to keep up with the times, he said. "To continue to make a difference a club needs to adapt to new technologies, the habits and methods of a younger generation, and the needs of the community it serves."

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