The Rosemount Area Historical Society and the Robert Trail Library will team up for their fourth in a series of free presentations for the public at 6:30 p.m. March 10 at the Robert Trail Library.

Rosemount Area Historical Society president Jerry Mattson, who also happens to be a Great Lakes shipping buff, will offer a visual presentation of some of the many shipwrecks along Minnesota’s North Shore. The slideshow will include numerous underwater dive photos, some from the Minnesota Historical Society. Mattson also will regale audience members with stories of how the shipwrecks came to be and sample many of the various vessels that worked along the North Shore

“People are interested in shipwrecks. They’re interested in stories,” Mattson said. “If you go up to Lake Superior, it’s part of the lore of the shore.”

Rosemount Area Historical Society member John Loch said one of the worst places to be for a ship in trouble on the Great Lakes was along Minnesota’s rocky shoreline. He said of the approximately 350 major shipwrecks in Lake Superior, about 50 of them lie along Minnesota’s coast.

One of the shipwrecks that will be featured is that of the Mataafa, an iron ore boat that got caught in a storm just outside Duluth harbor in November of 1905. The wreck became so famous that the Nor’easter that caused it became known as the Mataafa Storm. Mattson said the ship was the Edmund Fitzgerald of its day.

People hoping to hear the inside scoop on the real Edmund Fitzgerald will be disappointed, as the famous ship sank at the other end of the lake, off the coast of Michigan. There will, however, be a model of it on display. Mattson said he is looking forward to expanding the Rosemount area to Northern Minnesota for this presentation.

“Just to get people interested in history, that’s our aim,” he said.