What role does art play in your life?

I played the clarinet in high school. I sing karaoke. My favorite song is “Poor Me” by Trick Pony. I was in choir. I do other creative things, I do some painting. Art is very important. It provides balance.

Deanna Schmidt

Chisago City, Minn.

It means a lot because my brother Issac is really into art. He designs clothes. He’s the only one in my family who doesn’t play sports. He’s studying art in college.

Sam Olson

New Richmond

I like to act in plays. I was Traveler #2 in "Stone Soup." I like to pretend. I like to pretend to be my mom. I just like to act. If I could be a superhero? I would be Super Callie.

Callie Rader


Music. I like to go to museums. and shows like at the Ordway Theater. I go to the opera. I listen a lot to music on the radio. I have an Alexa, so I can pick whatever I want to listen to. I used to play a little piano, but I’m not able to anymore. I would especially miss the music.

Nick Nyseth

New Richmond

It beautifies everything! It’s music. It’s expressions that people make on things, like the electrical boxes around town that are painted and the benches. It serves to make everything more beautiful. I notice that stuff. It does make a difference. I think it makes people happy, more relaxed, just like music. Different kinds of music can make people relaxed or energetic, or wake people up or put people to sleep. Without it, life would be really boring.

Amy Jo Lundgren

Clear Lake

I teach art at school. I’m an early childhood educator, so I teach all the kids art among other things. It’s absolutely important as a tool. It increases the kids creativity. It helps them learn colors. It helps with emotional and social development. I enjoy art personally, but I’m not good at it. I do like music.

Valerie Belisle

New Richmond

Art in the summertime is outside, my garden, the flowers, the parks, the animals, that’s all art to me. This year, the butterflies, all the different kinds. That’s living and breathing art. It’s peace of mind. I think art is life, absolutely important. No art would be bad.

Marsha Umlauf

New Richmond

I like to draw on paper usually with crayons and sometimes markers. I like cute animals and food. My favorite animal to draw is probably a unicorn. And I like to draw treats, like fries and Hershey bars.

Rayna Conroy

New Richmond

Music. I listen to music 24/7. I play it on my phone or in my car. If someone took it away, I would be quite bummed. It’s important. I honestly listen to everything, classical, contemporary, everything. I grew up playing piano.

Emily Shacal