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Clue No. 5

From city's Highest Point

Take a long lilac walk

Previous business talk

Negotiations short

Co-Trivia Park lies

Just off a road named for

Our Woodbury Days lore –

This medallion “hunt.”

Clue writer Mathias Baden is a Realtor at Edina Realty, former editor of the Woodbury Bulletin and a Woodbury resident

Hunt rules

Clues will be revealed daily Wednesday through Friday, Aug. 14-16. If the medallion isn’t found by Friday, Aug. 16, more clues will resume from Monday through Friday, Aug. 20-24, or until the treasure is found. Clues will be posted 11 a.m. at There is no longer a medallion hunt hotline.

The first eight clues provide a clue-within-a-clue leading hunters to a different city park each day. Solving the clue-within-a-clue qualifies you for an early look at the next day’s clue – go to the local park of the day by 9 a.m.

How to win

The lucky finder of the medallion will receive a prize of $200 in gift cards if they have a Woodbury Days button, or $100 of the prize without a button. Medallion hunters are asked to immediately call 612-327-1748 when the medallion is found. The Bulletin will feature the winner in an upcoming edition. For more information on Woodbury Days and where to buy a Woodbury Days button, go to