Twenty-five emergency service units from the area organized June 14 to educate local families and attendees on safety tips for various activities and first response situations.

This event, called Community Safety Day, has added 15 service units since its inception in 2015, according to Brad Jorgenson, Assistant Director of Emergency Medical Services for Spring Valley Area Emergency Services.

For the last three years, the event has taken place at Syverson Practice Field near the dam in Spring Valley after moving from Spring Valley High School.

"We had the idea to give back to the community and collaborate as partners," Jorgenson said.

Participants are each given a card which is then filled with stickers after completing educational lessons from the emergency service unit stations.

Attendees learned precautions and tips for everything from kayaking to mouthguard wear to smoke safety action steps. Each station also offered promotional items at no cost which related to respective safety lessons.

Children were also invited to step up into ambulances, fire trucks and farm equipment displayed in the field.

Those who returned their card with stickers were put into a drawing at the end to win prizes like a scooter, fishing gear and a life vest.