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Clue No. 9

We’re back to Ojibway

For the very last clueing!

For initial viewing,

Meet at Woodbury’s Taste.

You’ll need another clew

To egress this labyrinth.

Wish to buy hyacinth?

Let’s solve this mystery!

Clue writer Mathias Baden is a Realtor at Edina Realty, former editor of the Woodbury Bulletin and a Woodbury resident.

Hunt rules

Clues will be revealed daily Wednesday through Friday, Aug. 14-16. If the medallion isn’t found by Friday, Aug. 16, more clues will resume from Monday through Friday, Aug. 20-24, or until the treasure is found. Clues will be posted 11 a.m. at There is no longer a medallion hunt hotline.

The first eight clues provide a clue-within-a-clue leading hunters to a different city park each day. Solving the clue-within-a-clue qualifies you for an early look at the next day’s clue – go to the local park of the day by 9 a.m.

How to win

The lucky finder of the medallion will receive a prize of $200 in gift cards if they have a Woodbury Days button, or $100 of the prize without a button. Medallion hunters are asked to immediately call 612-327-1748 when the medallion is found. The Bulletin will feature the winner in an upcoming edition. For more information on Woodbury Days and where to buy a Woodbury Days button, go to