John DuBois spent six years building a relationship with the tight-knit Spring Valley community as the police chief of Spring Valley Police Department.

On July 5, DuBois will say goodbye as chief and transition to an instructing position. He will be a faculty member in the criminal justice associate degree program at Rice Lake's Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College.

"I'll miss the variety every day and interacting with the community members, it's going to be a big change. I think being able to work with students and future officers will help and see their growth and having an impact on them," DuBois said of his future plans.

During his time with the Spring Valley department DuBois was not actively seeking other employment, he said, but the opportunity came up to teach which he didn't want to pass up.

DuBois, who has been involved in the law enforcement field since 2003, said he also hopes to get a part-time officer job to stay up-to-date on law enforcement business though he is not sure where he will apply.

At a June 6 Spring Valley Village Board meeting, the board members thanked DuBois for his dedicated service and wished him well in his new endeavors.

"I've been able to do things here that I wasn't able to do at other departments," DuBois said.

DuBois became vice-chair of the Pierce County Criminal Justice Coordinating Counsel four years ago and thanks to the support of the village board, continued his education to better himself for the community while serving Spring Valley, he said.

Next year the Spring Valley School District will have a part-time school resource officer, Madison Bryan, working eight hours a week.

For years DuBois had manned the Spring Valley force solo, but recently hired full-time officer Bryan in February 2019.

Applications for a new Spring Valley police chief will be open until July 1. Until a candidate is hired, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department will be covering Spring Valley needs as well as Elmwood's, as their one-man force and chief Delton Hoyt is also leaving.

"I'll miss the community, it's been really good to me. It's a bittersweet ending," DuBois said. "I hope that the community is as welcoming to the new chief as they were to me when I moved to town as an outsider. I'm sure they will be helping the chief get acclimated."