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The medallion hunt is still on - all 10 clues was not enough.

After the final two clues of the Woodbury Days Medallion Hunt were released Saturday, no one called to report a victory. The medallion hunt is still on.

The clue writer has offered four hints for the dedicated hunters who continue to look for the elusive medallion.

Hint: Use a Kings Map, and clue No. 2, which suggests you should know the park boundaries and also look along the boundaries. Go to

Hint: It’s hidden in plain sight in short grass.

Hint: Rally (or Raleigh) the troops! Use all clues. Rely (or Raleigh) on Clue No. 2, which reminds you to “clean up your doggy’s poops.”

Hint: Sorry for being a Hawthorn in your side. Star Wars is the theme of the hunt, but that is all. Ignore all references to Star Wars except the phrases “garbage chute” (clue No. 10), “frisk more ground” (clue No. 7), and “can it” (clue No. 6).

Clue writer Mathias Baden is a Realtor at Edina Realty, former editor of the Woodbury Bulletin and a Woodbury resident.

Woodbury Days returns Aug. 23-25, and preceding the city festival is start of the annual medallion hunt, co-sponsored by Edina Realty-Baden Real Estate Group and the Bulletin.

The lucky finder of the medallion will receive a prize of $200 in gift cards if they have a Woodbury Days button, or $100 of the prize without a button. Medallion hunters are asked to immediately call 612-327-1748 when the medallion is found. The Bulletin will feature the winner in an upcoming edition. For more information on Woodbury Days and where to buy a Woodbury Days button, go to

New this year, medallion hunters can gain fame by sending their selfies to The best selfies of the day will be posted on the Woodbury Days Medallion Hunt Facebook page. Follow the hunt’s official Facebook page for shared ideas on the meanings of clues and a few new twists and prizes along the way.

Clues were revealed daily Aug. 14-16 and then resumed Aug. 20-24. Ten clues are posted at There is no longer a medallion hunt hotline.

The first eight clues provided a clue-within-a-clue leading hunters to a different city park each day. Solving the clue-within-a-clue qualified hunters for an early look at the next day’s clue.

Present the medallion to the sponsors to claim the prize.