ELLSWORTH -- Ayres Associates talked funding in addition to remodeling with Ellsworth Public Library Building/Space Committee on Monday.

During the preliminary meeting, the recently selected architectural firm brought library building remodeling proposal for review. The firm’s grant writers discussed available grants for this type of project and talked about grants the library may want to pursue.

“They did a really nice job, it provided a lot of information for us,” Library Director Tiffany Meyer said.

The committee has approved what was presented up to a certain point.

“That was for the proposal through the schematics step and then also some of the grant writing,” Meyer said.

The proposal will now be sent to the library board for final approval 5 p.m. Oct. 29.

Committee members wanted to look at the proposal first to make sure they were on the right track before organizing a larger contract. Ayres Associates will now work on an American Institute of Architects contract document, which will eventually be presented to the library board.

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Other meeting business

During Monday’s meeting the committee also took a look at and updated the library’s building program statement.

The 50-plus page document did not get finalized, but the committee will continue to work on it. The document lists information on requirements and design principles for the library including entrances, parking, landscaping and lighting.

“It’s an opportunity for the building committee to just kind of get clear on what they would like to see and share that with the architects so then the architects have a written document that they can work from,” Meyer said.

The committee discussed fundraising for the building’s remodeling. Although the architects will do the majority of the grant writing, other funds may have to come from public and private fundraising. The committee discussed who might be involved in the fundraising efforts.

The next building/space committee meeting is 6:30 p.m. Nov. 11.