ELLSWORTH -- Ayres Associates presented new floor plan diagrams at Monday’s Building/Space Committee meeting. The evening was filled with questions, ideas and discussions.

Project architect Jodi Nelson brought layout diagrams, which included the library’s existing square footage and additional square footage extending backward. She also talked about the project’s updated budget.

Nelson began the presentation by highlighting the building’s concerns and areas of deterioration. She addressed needed construction to the exterior and interior and reviewed the Facility Conditions Assessment draft.

The building’s exterior envelope's integrity is intact.

“It just seemed like in general, it’s more of a standard maintenance that we are suggesting,” Nelson said referring to the exterior.

The brick face, especially by the parapet, needs tuckpointing. Repairs to concrete columns and caulking windows are also on the to-do list. Ayres Associates suggested replacing or repairing some of the windows on the lower level.

Inside, the building’s electrical systems will be replaced. The library will need to upgrade its lighting fixtures and fire alarm system among other things.

Nelson presented two similar layout diagrams with varying placements of the entrance areas and placement of sections, such as the children’s area. There was lots of discussion on where the entrances should be located. Other popular topics at the meeting included where the circulation desk, maker space and computers should go.

As for now, the layout plans are just a light concept of what the library might look like; changes are expected.

“It's still just kind of bubble diagrams,” Nelson said.

If grant funding is secured, the designs could change . For example, a terrace is a “wish list” item if there’s enough funding.

“The next thing after today, is we hopefully can get a floor plan, that is the next step,” Nelson said. Nelson hopes to get a better budget estimate as well.

Ellsworth is looking at grants that could help various community projects including this library building project.

Tony Birkel, the project's fundraiser lead, shared an update on fundraising ideas. Birkel hopes to come up with a list of five to 15 individuals or businesses that would be willing to be major contributors. He suggested potential recognition for the big contributors. Birkel is hoping to have pledge cards made for donors.

An initiative suggested was to create a point of sale, or one page informational sheet on why the project is being completed, costs and the library’s importance to the community.

The next Building/Space Committee meeting will be 6:30 p.m. Feb. 10 in the Senior Center (the library's lower level).