HUDSON -- More than a hundred actors of all ages and from various communities will take the stage at Hudson High School for “Stars on Broadway 5: Heroes and Villains” premiering Friday, Feb. 14.

The show is a mash up of some of the best Broadway numbers from more than 15 different musicals, cast member Tami Stauffacher said. The focus is on heroes and villains, both the obvious ones and those that are in a gray area.

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“As adults we kind of know there’s a lot of those in the world,” she said.

The Stars on Broadway performances were first started by Lori Sager, founder of Aspire Music Academy in Oakdale.

This year Aspire has partnered with Open Door Community Theatre, a volunteer-run nonprofit in its first year.

The partnership was natural, said Lynnea Madsen of Open Door, as many with the community theater program have worked with Sager in the past. Madsen said they hope this show will increase the support Open Door has.

“We want to open doors to theater,” Madsen said, especially for people who haven’t experienced theater before.

Part of Open Door’s focus is to raise money for other nonprofits. The show will donate a portion of the proceeds to Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue in Hudson as well as the Aspire Music Academy Foundation, which provides scholarships for tuition assistance.

“It’s so community-focused which I think is so wonderful,” Stauffacher said.

The performances feature 120 actors from young kids to adults.

“That’s not something that you get to be a part of everyday and to get to see on stage,” Madsens said.

The cast includes generations from the same families as well.

“There’s a lot of families involved,” said Tera Sayers, who joins her sons in the cast.

“It’s the first show I’ve gotten to do with my daughter,” Stauffacher said.

Actors come from Woodbury, Maple Grove, Minneapolis, Hastings, Hudson and more.

“We’re trying to reach all areas of the community,” Stauffacher said.

Cast member Kate Kidwell, a HHS alum, said she is excited to be back, with her daughter in the cast as well.

The actors have varying levels of experience, and different backgrounds and day jobs as well, Sayers said.

“You have all these different people coming together to create a show and you wouldn’t know that they don’t do this for a living,” she said.

The cast has developed into a community of its own, Sayers said, providing support, friendships and a creative outlet.

“It is such a family,” Stauffacher said.

“Stars on Broadway 5: Heroes and Villains” will run weekends from Feb. 14-23. Visit or to buy tickets and learn more.