NEW RICHMOND -- When New Richmond Girl Scouts Natalie Konsela, Addy Geist and Olivia Shapro were deciding what to do for their Girl Scouts Bronze Award, they knew they wanted something that would help people in their community.

With the restrictions of COVID-19 pandemic, troop leader Melissa Demulling-Konsela told them they also needed something they could do without meeting in person. After going through other ideas, the girls landed on a simple, but important idea to promote -- gratitude.

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“Right now isn’t the best time, but there are still good things,” Konsela said.

The troop is raising awareness of the benefits of gratitude by making posters to display in business windows throughout the city encouraging people to be “gr8ful.” The 8 is to represent being grateful every day of the week, plus one.

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“I hope people understand that there’s still good things about what’s going on right now,” Konsela said.

They also hope displaying the posters at local stores helps them get more business.

“We knew that businesses were struggling so we wanted to help them,” Shapro said.

Scouts have been working separately on pieces of the project and having it all come together.

“It’s definitely been different because we would have been doing it in a meeting,” Konsela said.

Still, Konsla said the project gives them a chance to come together without physically being together and work on a common goal.

Demulling-Konsela said it’s fun watching the girls work on the project.

“I love to see them become leaders, and they all have those talents or skills that they prefer,” she said.

Konsela and Geist have been part of Girl Scouts since kindergarten, and Shapro has been in it for three years now.

As Brownies, they completed a project selling reusable bags and water bottles, donating the money to an aquarium, and giving presentations about the impact of plastics that can’t be recycled.

“These girls like to make a difference,” Demulling-Konsela said.

As they work through the project, they’re each taking time to think of what they’re grateful for each day as well.

That includes getting a chance to start back at school, spending more time with family, and the continued health of those in their lives.