Three candidates will vie for the title of 2019 Heartland Days Miss Hammond at the Royal Coronation 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 10, in the St. Croix Central Auditorium.

This year’s candidates include: Krysta Gary, Jazilynn Geiger and Cassie Wang.

Krysta Gary

Krysta Gary - Photos courtesy of Jacob Maes Photography
Krysta Gary - Photos courtesy of Jacob Maes PhotographyPhotos courtesy of Jacob Maes Photography

Krysta Gary is the daughter of Bill and Melissa Gary. She is running for Miss Hammond because she thinks it will be a great opportunity to make a difference in the community. She also believes it will be a way for her to break out of her shell, because she is shy.

The qualities that make Gary the best fit for Miss Hammond include being a caring person, and being committed and dedicated to her family, friends, school and sports. She has a great work ethic when it comes to school, and other projects. When given expectations she goes above and beyond to be sure everything is perfect. She would be dedicated to promote everything that is good about Hammond.

If Gary could do a community service project for Hammond, it would be an adoption day for any pets in need of a home in partnership with local shelters. Days before the adoption day, Gary would ask volunteers to help clean up the animals and make them look their best for a better opportunity to find their “fur”ever homes.

If a stranger asked Gary about life in Hammond she would tell them that it is a fun place to live with really cool events, such as burger nights on Mondays and parades. T,here are nice, calm nights to stroll around, and go to the restaurants in town as well.

Hammond is a strong community, everyone knows each other and is incredibly willing to help in times of need. After graduation, Gary knows she wants to go to college, maybe something along the lines of being a registered nurse, or working with animals in someway -- possibly training or grooming.

Jazilynn Gieiger

Jazilynn Geiger
Jazilynn GeigerPhotos courtesy of Jacob Maes Photography

Jazilynn Geiger is the daughter of Jon and Brittany Geiger. She is running Miss Hammond for two reasons. First, she wants to get more involved in the community and second her favorite part of the parades when she was younger was watching the other courts from each town. She looked up to them with admiration and wonder and wants to be that person for the younger youth of the communities.

The qualities that make Geiger the best choice for Miss Hammond include being a people person, bubbly, smart, creative, loving, playful and charismatic. Geiger was raised to be kind and show compassion. She never hesitates to help another person.

If Geiger could do any community service program, she would like to set up a community walk event. Different local programs, businesses, or other campaigns would be invited to set up different vendors along the way. They would sell things like lemonade, juice, water, popsicles, cookies, small crafts, and/or take part in a coin war. At the entrance there would be different boxes for people to donate gently worn shoes, clothes and canned goods. This could be donated to local charities like Funds2Orgs.

If a stranger approached Geiger, she would describe Hammond as a quiet, but strong and tight-knit community always willing to go above and beyond to help and support one another. People here take their SCC Panthers sports very seriously. It’s a good place to grow up.

After graduation Geiger plans to pursue one of her passion: forensic science, forensic pathology, criminal psychology, social science or music. Her big dream is to open a coffee shop that would include a flower shop and bookstore/library. She would call it Beans & Greens.

Cassie Wang

Cassie Wang
Cassie Wang

Cassie Wang is the daughter of Theron and Corrine Wang. She is running because she thinks it would be a great opportunity to help out the community and give back a little of what it gave to her. She wants to be a part of something great and thinks this is a perfect opportunity for that.

Wang possesses many qualities that would make her the best choice for Miss Hammond. To start, she is always looking to help others. She always likes to think that if she helps someone out, she can make their day just a little bit brighter. Wang describes herself as creative, trustworthy, organized, dedicated patient, mature and a good listener.

If Wang could do one community service project for Hammond, it would be a quilt-making event for families who have suffered from house fires in Hammond. This way they have something to keep them warm and something that belongs to them. At the event, there would also be a jar for donations that would be donated to the family for necessities or care packages. She would work with the United Fire Department in Hammond on this project.

If a stranger asked Wang about life in Hammond the first thing that she would tell them is that it is both calm, exciting, and welcoming. There are always things to do.

After graduation Wang is thinking of going into vet science or forensics at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. She’s always held a passion for animals, so Cassie has been working toward becoming a vet. However she has a newfound passion in forensic anthropology. Bones and the bodily functions fascinate her just as animals do. Wang may decide to double major as her passion for art has continued to rapidly grow since middle school. Although the plan is to go into science, thoughts about double majoring in art have crossed her mind.