Submitted by Janice Saueressig

Ten Ellsworth High School Class of 1947 classmates celebrated their 70th reunion Sept. 27 at the West Wind in River Falls. The Class of 1947 was blessed with 66 graduates.

Many good musicians, sports leaders and home ec cooks were in our class. We had great teachers and Mr. Bjorge, the principal, took un on a senior trip to Canada. We all behaved (so so, ha ha) and loved the outing.

In 1947, Ellsworth had several grocery stories, including Lubnows, The Red Owl, Steiners and Drudlings; five cafes for treats, Bernsteins' and Wibergs' clothing stores, a GMBLE store (not for gambling, several gas stations, hardware stores and a Ben Franklin. Those were called "the good old days."

The theme of our junior prom was "Dream!" Our football and basketball teams did great too. The final basketball game was the best as we beat our old rivals, Spring Valley, 34-31.

Let's give a "U Rah Rah" for the Class of 1947 and the wonderful EHS days and memories. And God bless us all.