Giant pumpkins were once again the highlight of this year's Harvest Fest held in Stillwater, Minnesota, Oct. 14-15.

The St. Croix Growers Association awarded $20,000 in prize money to the winning growers of giant pumpkins and a variety of other vegetables.

The first place pumpkin entered by Wisconsin grower Pete VanderWielen weighed in at 1,991.50 pounds. Second place went to to Richmond, Minnesota grower Scott Steil, for his pumpkin weighing 1,904.50 pounds. Finishing in third place was New Richmond's own Chris Stevens and his daughter Amber (her first year growing giant pumpkins) with a monster weighing in at 1,764 pounds.

Veteran New Richmond growers Pete Midthun and Lorelee Zywiec finished in sixth and tenth places respectively with giants weighing in at 1,612.50 pounds and 1,427 pounds.