Want to own a Little Free Library and help support the New Richmond Area Community Foundation's "New Richmond Reads: One Book, One Read" program? Then you are in luck, as the highest bidder on the three Little Free Libraries the Community Foundation has up for silent auction will win one and see their money go to support the local reading program.

"There will be three silent auctions for Little Free Libraries going on at once, with one taking place at the Wild Badger, one at Table 65 and another at the Friday Memorial Library," said New Richmond Area Community Foundation Chair Troy Boe. "The little libraries were created by local artists ... who donated the time and the materials for them."

The silent auction, which opened on Oct. 30 and goes through midnight on Friday, Nov. 10, works like normal silent auctions. Those interested in placing a bid will add their name and the amount they want to bid on a sign-up sheet at one of the three locations and the highest bid as of midnight on the final day will win the Little Free Library and be able to do whatever they want with it. Each location will have a different library up for auction, so those interested will have to visit all three locations to find which library they like the most.

"We've put up Little Free Libraries in the past, which can be found throughout New Richmond," Boe said. "The idea to hold a silent auction for Little Free Libraries was an idea to try and get more local involvement through businesses that actually host the library throughout the auction and the local artists that actually created them."

When the Community Foundation put out a call to action for local artists who were interested in creating a Little Free Library to sell in the silent auction, three artists stepped forward, including: Jeremiah Wendt, Jenna Wojan and Wayne Tubbs.

Through this silent auction, the Community Foundation is focusing on its literacy destiny driver, which is one of six such destiny drivers that the foundation is currently working on.

"The literacy steering committee meets monthly and out of this committee came the idea to do a silent auction to raise proceeds to go towards New Richmond Reads program that we are calling 'One Book, One Read,'" Boe said. "It is going to revolve around an author who will come into town to speak and read to the different elementary schools. We will revolve it around a book that he made and published himself. With the proceeds of these silent auctions, we plan on buying books for this New Richmond Reads program."

The reading program will take place in the spring of 2018 when one book will be selected for the entire community to read.