WABASHA - The National Eagle Center is launching the summer fishing program June 20 and the celebration of Bald Eagle Days June 22-24.

With paid admission, kids 15 and younger can use fishing equipment supplied by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the National Eagle Center to fish on the Upper Mississippi Wildlife and Fish Refuge from the public dock at the National Eagle Center every Wednesday until Aug. 29.

"Fishing on the refuge is a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about the Mississippi River and our environment," said Scott Mehus, educational director. "They learn about the native species of fish in the Mississippi River. They learn the importance of using lead-free tackle as it relates to bald eagles and the environment."

The National Eagle Center, a nonprofit interpretive center, also will celebrate Bald Eagle Days June 23-24. Visitors can enjoy eagle and raptor programs and see "Eagles Everywhere," a special exhibition of eagles in art and culture.

In 1973, the bald eagle was one of the first species placed on the Endangered Species List. After 35 years of conservation efforts, the population rebounded to a point that it was delisted in 2007.

"The story of bald eagle recovery is a truly remarkable one," said Ed Hahn, marketing manager. "We came very close to losing our national symbol forever in the 1960s and 1970s."

For more information and a full calendar of events, visit www.nationaleaglecenter.org.