The New Richmond Heritage Center held its annual meeting on Thursday, Aug. 23, with more than 120 attendees packed into the pavilion. The event is a celebration of the Center's volunteers and members.

The highlight of the evening was the recognition of the many contributions that Irv and Mary Sather have made to the Heritage Center and the New Richmond community.

"This place that we are all part of is a very special place and wouldn't be here without Irv and Mary's vision, hard work, and dedication," said Board of Directors President Paul Mayer. "The board wanted to find a meaningful way to recognize their immense contribution to the Heritage Center. So tonight, we dedicate the pavilion to Irv and Mary in recognition of their contributions and rename it the 'Sather Pavilion.'"

The Sathers were presented with a commemorative plaque to be displayed on the pavilion.

Executive Director Bev Peirson kicked off the meeting by recognizing the many ways that members and volunteers support the Heritage Center. Community support is at the heart of what the Heritage Center does and makes the heritage experience a reality. Mayer also gave a heartfelt thank you to attendees and introduced the board members who shared achievements and milestones for the year.