ROSEMOUNT - Celebrate the service and sacrifice of local men and women who served the United States during the second annual Rosemount Veterans Day concert at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 9, at the Steeple Center, 14375 S. Robert Trail.

The five-piece Red Bull saxophone ensemble will feature classical, ceremonial and chamber music. The group will share musical talents in a patriotic concert performance to honor freedoms in this country and years of service and sacrifice from local veterans.

The keynote speaker is Glenn Oliphant, who served in the U.S. Navy from 1965-69. He worked as an electronics technician on ships with radio transmitters and receivers.

"I will show slides of the USS Liberty, both before and after the attack, and talk about what has happened to the Middle East as a result of the attack on the Liberty," Oliphant said.

Oliphant's first service after technician training was to work aboard the USS Liberty, an American spy ship. During his last tour aboard, the Liberty was attacked by Israeli defense forces and 34 shipmates were killed, along with 170 who were wounded, Oliphant said.

As a member of the USS Liberty Veterans Association, a group of former Liberty veterans, Oliphant said the group works tirelessly to tell the American people the truth of what happened that day.

"I will discuss other events that have lead to the U.S. losing respect around the world," Oliphant said.

The second annual Veterans Day program will be a production of Rosemount Area Arts Council. "His presentation will talk about how soldiers are put in harm's way only for the benefit of people who desire the power and greed that comes with war," said John Loch with Rosemount Area Arts Council.

Closing ceremony patriotic songs and music will be provided by the musicians in the 34th Infantry Division "Red Bull" Band.

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