HASTINGS -- Grab your favorite know-it-all friends and grab a table. Trivia Mafia has started hosting a weekly trivia night at Spiral Brewery.

Trivia Mafia is a big provider of the beloved pastime, hosting over 140 trivia events across the state, and even to venues in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Nebraska.

"Our team really likes trivia and thinks it's a lot of fun," Jen Fox, part owner of Spiral Brewery, said. "We have played Trivia Mafia in other places and think it is a great organization."

Opening night for trivia at Spiral Brewery was Wednesday, Nov. 7, and the event drew in a full crowd of people made up of both regulars and new folks, Fox said.

Each night of trivia includes six rounds - two of general knowledge and four themed rounds. One theme featured on Wednesday focused around historic events that have happened in November.

Prizes are awarded to the top three teams of the night, and include things such as coupons for food and movie passes. Each event lasts about an hour and a half.

Trivia will be held at Spiral Brewery every week on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.