The last session of the 2018-2019 barn dance season is coming up March 16 from 7-9:30 p.m. and will feature a new River Falls-based band.

The Woolly Buggers will round up the dancers with music brought to you by four members, all from River Falls: Chris Silver on the fiddle; River Falls High School senior Ari Silver on guitar; Ben Toppel on banjo; Jeremy Davis on upright bass.

The band began collaborating and practicing together last year for the barn dance. They agreed on the name, which refers to a type of fly-fishing lure, as they all enjoy fly fishing.

"We basically play with different bands in the River Falls area and we all showed interest for this barn dance," Toppel said. "We informally got together, played a few tunes and are getting together to do this dance."

Toppel, who has attended the dances before being a part of the musical group, said the dances are fun and anyone can participate.

"You'll see all ages there and a lot of different community members come to these dances ... anyone can do it because they actually walk through dances before the music starts," Toppel added.

According to a news release from Thomas Smith, this is the last season the dances will be held at the River Falls Academy venue (formerly Meyer Middle School). The Academy is undergoing renovations / demolition and a new venue for next year's barn dance season will be announced later this year.

The dances, which are volunteer-operated, have been held at the Academy for nearly a dozen years.

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