The Hudson Daybreak Rotary is ready for spring in the best way possible, traveling the region with a bright red Ford Mustang. Hudson Mayor Rich O'Connor recently purchased the first tickets of the 2019 car raffle season. Heading into the 15th year of the car raffle, Hudson Ford and Daybreak Rotary have built a community main stay by supporting Hudson youth through proceeds from the annual raffle. This year Daybreak Rotary is proud to support the Hudson Boosters and Athletes Making Progress in their initiatives.

"Hudson is blessed to have many great organizations that support our community. Rotary has always been at the forefront of giving back to Hudson. They walk the walk with their motto of 'Enhancing Opportunities for Youth and Creating a Better Community for All' and the Hudson community is grateful for their leadership," said O'Connor.

Athletes Making Progress (AMP)

AMP is a student-led organization at Hudson High School whose mission is to further develop leadership skills for their members. These leadership skills allow students to improve their contributions in the classroom, on the field and the community in its entirety. Their goal is to continue to build a support system throughout the Hudson Raider community.

"The student members of the HHS AMP (Athletes Making Progress) Club have a strong commitment to develop leadership skills in order to further their contributions on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. We are very thankful for the opportunity to partner with Daybreak Rotary and receive this grant, because it will allow our students to further their progress and accomplish the mission of making the Hudson community stronger each and every day," said HHS Assistant Activities Director Aaron Moen.

The AMP Club is using their grant proceeds to create a Raider Hallway. The new hallway will include new murals, showcase scholar athletes, championship banners, integrate with video boards through social media and inspire school spirit throughout the space.

Daybreak Rotary & Car Raffle

Hudson Daybreak Rotary was founded on July 1, 1990. Over the years the Daybreak Club has become a melting pot of leaders in the community with ties to many organizations. Whether it is members of the school board, St. Croix Valley Foundation, Camp St. Croix, to provide a better community for all, and a better community starts with happy, healthy children. In 2018 Daybreak Rotary hit a major milestone of donating over $1 million.

The first Rotary Car Raffle was held in 2005. Over the last 15 years, this community staple has helped Daybreak reach its goal of donating over $1 million. Without the partnership with Hudson Ford this fundraiser would not be possible. Every May, Connie Schmidt and the team at Hudson Ford have the Mustang ready and help promote throughout the raffle season. In addition to helping Daybreak Rotary fund the car, they also loan trucks, so the Club can pull the car in parades throughout the region.

"Every year our club focuses on delivering opportunities for youth in the community. After spending decades in Rotary, it never ceases to amaze what a group of people can do when they are truly focused on making the community a better place. The car raffle has been a great way for us to raise funds for youth in a way that the community sees a direct and immediate impact from their support of the car raffle," said Dick Whitcomb, Past Rotary President and current Daybreak member.

Hudson Daybreak Rotary is a diverse group of community members who strive to make a positive impact on the greater Hudson community, especially enhancing opportunities for youth in the community. Daybreak Rotary meets on Wednesdays from 7-8:15 a.m. at the Hudson House Grand Hotel (1616 Crest View Drive). Guests and prospective Rotarians are welcome to attend meetings and events. By getting to know more community members and broadening Rotary awareness, we can have a bigger impact. To purchase tickets or learn more about Daybreak Rotary, visit at

About Hudson Boosters

The Hudson Boosters Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide youth baseball, softball, and football programs that match the skill level of the participants. They provide youth with organized competition in a safe environment while teaching sportsmanship, discipline, and love of the game. Hudson Boosters also provide service throughout the community.

"Hudson Boosters is proud to partner with Daybreak Rotary to provide enhanced offerings to our youth in the community. The grant from Rotary will aid the Boosters in serving hundreds of kids in the area," said John Herink, Hudson Boosters.

Hudson Boosters is using the grant to build a new T-ball field to replace the current location that has brought on safety concerns in recent years. T-ball is the beginning experience youth have in the baseball/softball arena. A new T-ball field will be constructed adjacent to the existing ball fields at the Township of Hudson Fields location. The township has given its approval. It will be a grass field with the base paths cut in and bedded with diamond dust, and with fencing to protect youth when sitting in the bench area. There would also be an appropriate backstop fence.

For more information on the Hudson Daybreak Rotary, contact Chris Frost at 952-224 - 4390 or