On Wednesday, June 19, 17 patients from Shriners Healthcare for Children-Twin Cities spent a Camp Achieve Day at the Star Prairie Trout Farm. The kids were guests of Shrine members of Zuhrah Shrine in Minneapolis and Zor Shrine members of the St.Croix Valley Shrine Club.

Once off the bus, the youngsters got right down to the business of fishing for trout. They teamed up with Shriners who helped them land 330 large fighting trout before the day was over.

The kids were guided on their fun trip with the help of Maureen Johnston, Camp Program/ Event Director at Shriners Healthcare for Children - Twin Cities.

"With all of these kids' challenges you never hear them complain about not being able to do anything," co-coordinator of the event and Board of Governors member Bob Hering said. "They just do with what they have and enjoy the day."

All the kids needed was a little help taking the fish off the hook and putting on more bait. They rest was up to them and they enjoyed every minute. One young boy kept to himself when he first arrived at the Trout Farm, but before long he was talking up a storm and reeling in fish.

According to Hering, the day of fishing builds their confidence. In school, people with physical challenges are usually the first ones picked on by their classmates, but pulling in a fish with only your feet and never complaining gives kids the courage to stand their ground.

When the day was done, the kids and their 21 helpers consumed 12 pizzas and numerous ice cream cones.