As autumn begins, the many community celebrations come to an end, the Heritage Festival committee is making final preparations for its fifth annual event Sept. 7 in Red Wing’s Central Park.

"We are excited to share with people from all walks of life in our day festivities, " said Lucy Richardson, executive director of Hispanic Outreach of Goodhue County.

“The festival began in the farmers market, which attracted cultural dancers and a mariachi band for people to have a real idea of who we are. The bright colors and movements of elegant dancing with cheerful music left an impression on those who chose to participate in our program,"

The Heritage Festival has grown tremendously with food trucks, demonstrations, dancers, musicians, artists and projects for children.

"Initially, we received Mexican dancers. Last year we had Colombian dancers and a group of Puerto Rico. We are very conscious of getting representation from other Hispanic cultures. As the event 's name really is our mission statement: Hispanic Heritage,” she said.

The hours are 3-8 p.m. in Red Wing's Central Park. Food vendors will feature Colombia, Puerto Rico and, new this year, Venezuela authentic meals. There will also be demonstrations on how to make tasty salsa and tortillas.

A highlight for children is a Hispanic game that uses a piñata. Each will design one for free.

Two artists of the metropolitan area will incorporate public participation. Jimmy Longora is well-known as a visual artist in cultural painting. His goal is that middle and high school students learn some of their techniques. Jessica Lopez works with a mobile screen print inspired palette. She will teach people of all ages to create silkscreen posters single color. The art cart is an important Mexican/Chicanx cultural tool that is common on the streets of Mexico.

Finally, an important holiday for the Hispanic community is the Altar of the Day of the Dead. This is a great celebration that takes place in November to remember the deceased. Hispanic Festival will have an altar on display for others to better understand this cultural celebration.