RED WING — Several local citizens are planning a protest and march, called Red Wing Unite, promoting racial unity on Saturday afternoon, June 6, in Central Park. The event is open to all.

“From 2 to 5 we will have an open mic to let people express their feelings,” said Chaz Neal, one of the organizers. “From 5 to 6:30, we will have a walk through the downtown area. It will be on sidewalks only with no blocking roads, just being peaceful and being united and not making a disturbance.”

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Neal said after the walk, everyone will return to Central Park for a candlelight vigil. The group is asking local businesses to place black squares in their windows in support of the event and racial unity.

“The goal is to bring the community together and stop racial profiling,” Neal said. “Just look at everybody the same because we are all the same. We are just different colors, and it shouldn’t have to be like that.”

Neal said there are several minority communities in Red Wing that feel their voices are not recognized. He said he believes it is time to speak up about this. He said the way to change things is through changes in laws.

“I want the city of Red Wing to know that we need to get united and stop dividing,” he said, “because this is ridiculous. The laws were made to protect them and not us, and that needs to change. I know that is not the way people want it, but that’s the way it has to be, because it starts with the law. It’s got to be fair and right now there’s not a level playing field.”