Merchants Bank's "Swipe Out Hunger" Facebook giveaway has concluded with Hastings Family Service taking first place and receiving a donation of $2,500.

"Hastings Family Service is fortunate to be part of a community that really rallies behind us, and we have community members like Mike Swanson and Molly Peters who work hard to get the word out about voting for us during Swipe Out Hunger," said Amy Sutton, associate director of Hastings Family Service. "A gift of $2,500 can purchase nearly 18,000 pounds of food, which is going to help a lot of neighbors in our community."

This is the third year Hastings Family Service has claimed the top spot in the six-year history of Swipe Out Hunger. This year, the top-three donations were awarded based on the total number of votes for Hastings Family Service ($2,500), the Hunger Task Force of La Crosse ($1,500) and Friends in Need Food Shelf ($1,000). The 11 other local food shelves that participated each received a $500 donation.

More than 4,400 votes were cast in this year's giveaway. Hastings Family Service received a total of 1,124 votes.

This year the bank donated 5 cents each time a Merchants Bank credit/debit card was used and $100 for every checking or savings account opened from Aug. 1-8 for a total of $10,500. During last year's "Swipe Out Hunger" giveaway, Hastings Family Service received the top donation and more than 3,600 total votes were cast. In its six-year history, Swipe Out Hunger has donated more than $60,000 to support local food shelf programs in Minnesota and Wisconsin.