The ability to read books, newspapers, a card or letter from a loved one can add quality to life.

Farmington Lions Club recently donated a reader machine to The Legacy in Farmington, a senior assisted living facility. Now residents can use the technology housed in the facility to read all kinds of material.

Gere Anderson, 89, moved into The Legacy when her eyes began to fail. Today she is legally blind. She is trying out the new reader machine as she attempts to read a page in a periodical. She gets a little more assistance from eyeglasses.

Dale Guggemos, a retired librarian, said he looks forward to seeing what the demand for the machine will be from seniors who miss reading or may have difficulty reading as they age.

Guggemos worked for 36 years as a librarian in the former Farmington High School. Today he has volunteered to set up and manage a small library inside The Legacy that offers a reading place and shelves of diverse books as well as a few magazines and picture books that can be checked out.

The reader machine magnifies text so residents can read more easily.

"I used to read one book after another but I can't anymore," Anderson said.

Hopeful that she will be able to regain the independence of reading, she said "It is very important and I like to read and I would love to be able to read, especially things that came in the mail."