Calypso is Madelynne Paquet’s baby.

Except this baby is quite furry, long-necked and an All-American llama award winner.

Paquet raised and trained Calypso, who is now 5 years of age, and has been shown at a national competition in Iowa every year of her life. She’s taken home Senior Performance Grand Champion four years in a row. This past June was her first time being named All American.

Llamas are judged based on the halter overall appeal, performance in an obstacle course and fleece quality awards.

Training for the end of June awards show usually begins as soon as the snow melts for Calypso and Paquet.

“Now that she’s an old pro at it, I don’t have to practice with her too much. I spend more time with her than I do practicing obstacles. The more she trusts me, the better she’ll do,” Paquet said.

Having bred, housed and trained llamas for many years with her sisters, Paquet said she appreciates a llama’s unique personality. Calypso has one of her own.

“She’s very calm and trusting. She’s very one-person oriented. She’s very attached to me,” Paquet said.

Paquet was raised on a farm just outside of Ellsworth at Lazy P Ranch. The Paquets lend animals to 4-H participants who don’t have animals of their own and open the farm for public events, one of which is coming up.

Sept. 28-29 the public is welcome to gather at the Lazy P Ranch, N4741 810th St., Ellsworth, for an open house, where all things llamas will be offered to experience, sell and buy.

Madelynne’s mother, Lisa Paquet, said fiber craft vendors and farmers market vendors will be there, and participants have the opportunity to meet, interact and walk with llamas.