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EHS: Completing a dream by traveling to United States

Sara Fumagalli of Italy is working on completing her dream of visiting every country in the world as she is spending the year in Ellsworth as a foreign exchange student. Photo by Sara Tischauser

Traveling to a foreign country and seeing the sites, experiencing a new culture and adapting to a different way of life is what 11 foreign exchange students are doing this year as they go to school in the Ellsworth School District.

Sara Fumagalli, an 11th grader from Bosisio Parini, Italy, dreams of seeing the world and coming to the United States is helping her do that.

"One of my biggest passions is traveling," Fumagalli said. "I would love to visit every country in the world."

Fumagalli said her hometown of Bosisio Parini is similar to Ellsworth in population as her hometown with 3,500 people. However, she said there are many differences as well.

"The main difference between my town and Ellsworth is that there we have a lot of public transportation," Fumagalli said, "so I can easily reach bigger cities on my own."

While Fumagalli wanted to travel to see the United States she also wanted to get more from her experience.

"I wanted to learn a different language and try to live by myself," Fumagalli said.

Even though Fumagalli wanted to live on her own, she is missing her home.

"Probably the things I miss the most are my family and my friends," Fumagalli said.

Fumagalli is spending the school year away from her parents, older sister, cat and dog. However, her host family is helping her with her transition away from home..

"They [my host family] always try to help me and try to make my experience exciting and interesting," Fumagalli said. "Even if we don't know each other for long they make me feel part of the family."

Fumagalli's host family has helped her experience new things while in the United States. She said she has gone to Washington D.C., kayaking and to the zoo with her host family. She has also gotten to attend many school events such as football and volleyball games.

"I'm enjoying this experience in general," Fumagalli said. "That's because of the friendly people and the freedom you have here to decide what to do."

This year has brought many new opportunities to Fumagalli and she is using this time to do what is important to her.

"I think that discovering, learning and trying new things is what makes you happy," Fumagalli said. "At least is what makes me happy."