Spreading some Christmas spirit is exactly what a father and son in Ellsworth have been doing for the last couple of years.

Ryan Kelly and his son Aiden decided to start decorating their house for Christmas two years ago. Ryan said Aiden wanted to decorate.

"I thought it would be nice for neighbors to see all the lights," Aiden said, "and they would be happy to see them."

Once they had made the decision to decorate for Christmas they had to start preparing. Ryan said they started buying Christmas lights right after Christmas 2015 so they could decorate for the 2016 Christmas season when the time came.

This year is the second year they have put up lights and Ryan said they have already expanded from last year and have plans to expand even more next year. This year they hung up 24,000 Christmas lights.

Aiden said putting up the lights is a lot of work especially on the larger trees, for which Ryan said they had to use a boom truck in order to get the lights up in the tall trees.

Aiden said what he likes most about decorating for Christmas is the time it takes to do it.

"[I liked] having some time with my dad," Aiden said. "Doing it together was really fun."

Ryan said they started putting up Christmas lights the first weekend in October and it took them eight days to string up all the lights.

He said they have already started working on their plan for next year and plan to add some more decorations. The planning stage is something Ryan believes is useful to his son.

"It gives him some skills for future in planning," Ryan said about Aiden helping design their Christmas light setup.

One of the unique features of their Christmas lights is a large wreath that Aiden and Ryan made that hangs on one of the buildings. Ryan said they actually made a second wreath and donated it to Maiden Rock Village; the village hangs their wreath up in town.

Ryan said it seems since they started decorating more people on the street are putting up lights.

Aiden said he hopes it gets other people in the Christmas spirit because "it gets me more in spirit."

The lights on at his Maple Street house in Ellsworth are turned on Friday through Sunday for everyone to enjoy.