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EHS: Making new friends brings exchange student to Ellsworth

Luis Celestino Lorenzo from Mexico came to Ellsworth hoping to make many new friends and has done just that. Photo by Sara Tischauser

Exchange students from all over are finding Ellsworth Community School District to be a friendly place that has invited them to be part of the school and feel welcomed.

Luis Gastavo Celestino Lorenzo from Los Cabos, Mexico, is finding many friends during his junior year at Ellsworth High School.

Celestino Lorenzo values his family and friends from home and his new Ellsworth family and friends. Even though he has found friends in Ellsworth, he still misses his home.

"I miss my family, friends, the beaches and my dog Cindy," Celestino Lorenzo said. "[My family} love to go to the beach as family and plan something fun every two weeks."

Even though he is missing out on going to the beach, Celestino Lorenzo is enjoying his time here.

"The most thing that I enjoy in America is my host family, all my friends here in Ellsworth High School, because they are so nice and fun with me," Celestino Lorenzo said. "For all my friends in Ellsworth: thank you so much for giving me a lot of good experiences."

During his stay Celestino Lorenzo has gone to parties, had his first experience with snow, gone to football practice and went to the Mall of America, which have all added to his fun experience.

Making new friends and enjoying life are part of what brought Celestino Lorenzo to the United States.

"I just wanted to know what the U.S. was like and know the culture and make all friends possible," Celestino Lorenzo said.

Making friends is important to Celestino Lorenzo and he works hard to do so and do his best all the time.

"I'm always try to give my best in everything," he said. "Sometimes I feel lazy but I never give up. I'm always try to be a good person and make lots of friends."

Celestino Lorenzo believes family and friends are very important parts of his life which make it worthwhile.

"I think [the most important thing in life] is to live the life without limits and enjoy every moment," Celistino Lorenzo said, "that you are doing what you like or you are with those people who are special for you and give thanks to the life for that."