It has been a busy week here at Wellhaven. Tenants went on an outing to Cedar Lake, listened to live music from JC Colby and enjoyed the festivities of Wellhaven's River Falls Days Pre-Parade Party. Activities got rearranged to accommodate this week's bustling schedule.

It has been a very hot week. We have had a trip planned through the Star Prairie Fish and Game, Star Prairie Trout Farm, and New Richmond Community Education. Tenants were told by Wellhaven's Manager, Beth Ann Schultz, "It is going to be hot, 90 plus degrees with high humidity. We will still take anyone that wants to go." Wellhaven staff provided water bottles, sunscreen and wide brimmed hats to tenants who went. It was beautiful. The cloud coverage and the breeze off the water made the pontoon ride a huge success.

When it is hot like this, ice cream is a must. We had an Ice Cream Social with live music from JC Colby, who played favorite hits from generations past. The tenants enjoyed JC Colby almost as much as the ice cream.

River Falls Days is always a huge deal in River Falls. It is lots of fun for our tenants and community members to get together and celebrate the festivities with an annual Pre-Parade Party. This year everyone was offered a free brat or hot dog meal, popcorn, freezies and prime seating for the parade. The kids enjoyed the bounce house and Pickles the Clown. Even though it was hot we all had a good time.

Tenants are looking forward to their next outing on July 29. Tenants have been invited to the farm of Judith Hanson.