ROSEMOUNT - Teenage musician Kray Klaas dreams of winning Grammy awards.

For now, he is building a reputation as he plays gigs and performs fine musical accompaniment for all who dine at Rudy's Redeye Grill in Rosemount.

Klaas, 15, is serious about music and songwriting and has written 15 songs. Like the love song, "I Got to Know Your Name" and "Let Me Take You for a Ride," a blues song.

"I want to keep writing songs and try to win some Grammys for performing," Klaas said.

This young musician is asked quite frequently for his photograph or to stand in a selfie from a fan who believes he will be famous someday.

As a freshman who attends the Twin Cities college prep school, Hill-Murray High School, Klaas does not play in school choirs or bands. Although, he did win the hearts of fellow classmates when he won two school talent shows.

Admitting he is a quiet and soft spoken teenager, Klaas is humble about his talent. Although he did love surprising his school with his singing voice and talent.

"They went nuts and they used their phones like flashlights - I got a standing ovation and they crowded onto the stage afterwards - it was a blast and it was fun," he said.

Taking guitar lessons since he was 8 years old, Klaas listens to blues legends like BB King, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton for inspiration in singing and songwriting.

Playing his electric and acoustic guitars, Klaas has been in love with music for half his life and is focused on improving his craft.

"I like the fact that it makes people feel good and happy and it makes me feel good, too," Klaas said.

Never inspired to audition for TV talent shows like "The Voice" or "American Idol," Klaas aims to work hard, play gigs and be discovered the old-fashioned way.

Klaas did fulfill one singing dream when he played on stage in New Orleans. He was randomly selected from the audience to play his guitar and sing on stage. It gave him the faith and belief that he can touch others with his music.

You can check out his singing voice and follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

"You know, I just play because I like to make people feel good, and it is the thing I want to have in my life and it kind of comes natural and that is what I want to do."