Tenants at Wellhaven Senior Living often have guests, either friends or family, over to visit. Recently, four special guests were invited. The University of Minnesota Raptor Center brought four locally indigenous birds for a memorable learning experience. The birds included Luta, a 3-year-old Red Tailed Hawk; Darner, a 9-year-old American Kestrel; Maxine, a 19-year-old Bald Eagle and Bubo, an 18-year-old Great Horned Owl.

The birds varied in size and weight from 130 grams to 10.5 pounds. Most people are surprised to learn that raptors can be so small.

"Amber Taylor, The Raptor Center representative, was wonderful. She was entertaining but also

knowledgeable about all the different raptors," said Wellhaven Manager Beth Ann Schultz.

Not only did Taylor bring magnificent birds but she also shared samples of different raptors' wings and claws to pass around the audience.

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