HUDSON -- Diane Halvorsen was working as a student nurse in the hospital when she met her future husband, Marty, though at the time, he was just a patient to her.

He was quickly determined to become more.

After he got well, they met for a date at a bar in La Crosse in June. They were married in November, and this year they are celebrating their 60th anniversary.

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He knew she was the one before she did, Diane said, but she soon agreed.

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“It must have been very soon, since we got married that close,” she said.

The two love each other for who they are, the values they share like worth ethic and money management.

Marty and Diane Halvorsen
Marty and Diane Halvorsen

“It all matched,” Diane said.

They also love the family that they’ve built together. The two moved to Hudson in 1965, and since then that family has grown. They have four children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

“They all turned out very well, did very well for themselves,” Diane. “I guess we did a few things right.”

Diane and Marty have enjoyed traveling together over the years -- family camping trips, cruises and visits to Norway and Switzerland. Diane said it’s fun to have a partner who wants to do it all with her.

Hitting the 60-year mark is another day in the chapter, Diane said.

For those looking to mimic their success, Diane said the support of family and friends is important is one important piece

“Listen to one another,” she said. “A lot of sharing and supporting one another.”