As a hockey player, Breanna Simon can often be found in the cold confines of ice arenas practicing her favorite sport.

Now she's created her own part-time job that keeps her in the cold.

Simon, 19, has launched a new summer ice cream distributor business in New Richmond. Called "Bee's Ice Cream," the business is licensed by the state and city. Because all of her 50+ menu items are all pre-packaged, Simon's business doesn't have to be licensed as a restaurant, making it simple.

"I play a lot of hockey, so I have to have a really flexible work schedule if I have a job," Simon said of her search for a summer job. "I was looking around for stuff I could do on my own."

A friend runs a similar business in Woodbury, Minn. so Simon began searching for a truck that would suit her needs.

With the help of family members, Simon purchased an old FedEx truck and equipped it for her new venture. The exterior is painted in bright yellow and a newly installed window in the back provides Simon the access to the ice cream freezer and the customers outside.

The interior of the truck is decorated like an old-fashioned ice cream shop. The truck comes complete with electronic music, to alert youngsters and adults that the ice cream truck is on the way.

She said her initial routes through New Richmond neighbors have proven to be fun and profitable.

"It's gone really well so far," she said. "People really like it. Even adults jump up and down and wave their arms as I drive by."

Simon said she is still scouting out neighborhoods, figuring out which ones have the most kids. She also is setting up at local tournaments, family reunions, birthday parties and more when people call her and ask. She can be reached at 715-781-5365 to request her services at an event, or to suggest a neighborhood that she should visit regularly.

"I go out pretty much every time I don't have hockey and it's not raining," she said of her schedule. Now that her hockey schedule is lessening, Simon said she intends to be on New Richmond streets most evenings and on a lot of weekends.

"Bee's Ice Cream" features a good variety of treat selections, including four different kinds of ice cream sandwiches, numerous healthier fruit bars, character ice cream favors, Bomb Pops, Drumsticks and more. Simon purchases her treats from a high-quality wholesaler from Minneapolis. She restocks her inventory about every two weeks.

Simon said she expects to operate the summer business while she attends school at Hamline University. She intends to pursue a pre-med major, with an eye toward going to medical school later on.

"This will help me pay for college," she said. "I'm going to be in debt forever with college, medical school and all that."