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Hastings bride will perform wedding dance live on Good Morning America

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A Hastings woman and her husband will be dancing live on ABC’s Good Morning America this Friday.

Terra and Drake Otto caused a stir online with their performance of the famous dance routine in the film, “Dirty Dancing.” They performed the dance at their wedding as a surprise for their guests.

Before the Aug. 24 wedding, Drake had given Terra, a 2003 graduate of Hastings High School, professional dance classes as a gift. The couple attended classes, but very few people knew what they were practicing.

“They had told us all along that they were just practicing for their couple’s dance, you know, their first dance,” said Lynn Chorney, Terra’s mother.

At the wedding reception, the newlyweds took the floor and did a simple slow dance – nothing fancy. Then there was the father-daughter dance, followed by a dance for all the grandparents.

“I didn’t notice at the time that Drake and Terra had left the room,” Chorney said.

Without anyone noticing, the couple had managed to slip away to change, returning to the dance floor amid a bit of chaos as the grandparents dance ended.

Drake, in rolled up sleeves, started reciting Patrick Swayze’s lines from the film, and then the crowd started to catch on. Chorney was sitting next to Drake’s mother at the time.

“We both just about died,” she said.

That’s when Terra and Drake performed the dance, complete with the lift at the end. Only the wedding party knew about it beforehand.

It didn’t take long before their videographer, Joe Pollock of Minneapolis, had the dance video uploaded to YouTube, and there it started to gain popularity. As of Tuesday afternoon, the video had nearly 2,000 views. That had grown to nearly 20,000 by Thursday.

On Monday, KARE 11 picked it up and ran a 50-second clip on their newscast. Next, it reached the ears of producers at ABC’s Good Morning America.

Terra got a call from the show on her way into work Tuesday. She and Drake got together over lunch to return the call, and found out that ABC wanted them to fly to New York for their Friday show. Not only did the producers want them on their national live broadcast, they wanted the Ottos to perform their dance live in the Good Morning America studio.

The couple flies out Thursday evening to New York and will perform the dance live on national television. The show airs on ABC at 7 a.m. eastern time (6 a.m. central). They’ll return to the Twin Cities Friday afternoon.

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