Hastings Middle School's play, "Brief Interviews with Internet Cats," will be presented at 7 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 2, in the HMS Auditorium. Admission into the play is free.

"It's set up like a web series and then the host of the show has cats who got internet famous come in and interviews them," said Zach Filkins, the play director.

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The comedy is set up similar to a talk show like Ellen or The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Filkins said. There are even commercial breaks that advertise products.

Filkins said that he chose the comedy because the script was one that actually made him laugh out loud.

"It's a really goofy show and by the end it's literally just chaos," Filkins said.

The chaos stems from the very big characters. There are many cats that appear on the talk show, all with very large personalities. Filkins said there is everything from a sleepy cat and grouchy cat to a psychic cat and sarcastic cat.

It's not really a plot-driven play, but Filkins said that it is entertaining, funny and it has clever dialogue. The audience can expect the play to be about 35-40 minutes long.

"It's perfect for the stage because it's just goofy enough," Filkins said.

Cast List

Abbi Harp: T-Bone

Alex Ussatis: Young Cat

Alleah Watson: Entourage

Brailyn Gintner: Sally

Brita Lawrence: Interrupting Cat

Cal Christiansen: Gilda, the psychic cat

David Embu: Entourage

Elliana Lawrence: Pierre, the philosopher cat

Ellie Storkamp: Entourage

Emma McLay: Amber, a correspondent

Gabe Richardson: Announcer 2/Assistant

Gillian Greeder: Nelson, the grouchy cat

Grace Blanchard: Kitty Boo Boo

Heaven Nelson: Entourage

Hope Davis: Trixie

Jackelyn Anderson: Entourage

Jehnna Villneauve: Taylor

Jenna Norgaard: Tuffy, the cat in a box

Joe Borash: Ian, the host

Kaley Arndt: 2nd Assistant

Katelynn Krey: Skinny Jeans, the sarcastic cat

Leah Holmes: Estelle, the grandma cat

Lilyana Doffing: Jody

Linnea Hedin: Sandy, the sleepy cat

Porter Stoffel: Spokescat

Samson Chalupsky: 1st Assistant

Sarah Clark: Shelly

Serenity Swanson: Estelle, the grandma cat

Walter Jung: Announcer 1/Assistant

Zachariah Smith: Muffin, the scaredy cat