Hudson faces will grace the big screen on June 28 at the Hudson CEC Theatre with the premiere of the Duluth-set film "No Blood of Mine" directed by Wesley Ellenwood.

Hudson residents former and current played roles in the project both in front of and behind the camera. A murder mystery, the film follows Victoria as she runs from North Dakota mobsters back to her hometown as detectives investigate the death of her biological father.

Familiar names to Hudson include Janet Fogg, who plays the main character's grandmother Freda, Janan Terpstra who takes on the role of the grandmother's best friend Cass and Caleb Wagner who served as production manager.

Fogg and Terpstra play friends on the screen, and are good friends off it as well. The two have worked together before, first meeting at a performance at the Octagon House and doing productions at The Phipps together.

The two said they had a lot of fun with their characters, with Fogg playing a gruff, self-sufficient grandmother and Terpstra playing a flirty, fun bartender.

"We ended up with the perfect roles for ourselves," Terpstra said.

Behind the camera, Wagner was in charge of managing locations, permits, getting clearance to film on site and making sure all the different departments were working together.

"Essentially kind of pulling all the strings to make sure all the logistical things were in place," Wagner said.

From the first auditions, all three knew they wanted to be a part of the project. Wagner was just planning on helping Ellenwood, his old professor, with initial auditions. After seeing the script and actors, he decided to stay on for the whole production.

The script hooked Fogg and Terpstra too.

"I just loved the script when we read it," Fogg said.

Once filming began, Fogg said the cast got along well, working night shoots and staying in the University of Minnesota Duluth dorms.

"The whole cast, we were like a family," she said.

For Terpstra, the production was her first experience with making a film. She said it was fun to watch the lighting, set up and more.

"I was just totally fascinated by just watching everything that goes on behind the scenes," she said.

Once filming was done, Wagner said there we several scenes that were great to see fully completed.

"Seeing them on the big screen once they were all put together was exciting," he said.

Fogg said her favorite part of the movie are the characters, especially the detectives investigating the death of Victoria's father.

"They're funny, which is a good spin off from the rest of it which is pretty dramatic," Fogg said.

The movie has premiered around the Twin Cities area, and will now come to Hudson. The three said they're looking forward to the movie showing in Hudson.

"I could just scream about it. Everyone is so excited," Fogg said. "I say I'm going to sit in the back and wear black so I can hear what everyone says."

Fogg said she thinks the community will enjoy the movie for its characters, storyline and family ties.

"It's a little something in there for everyone to enjoy," she said.

The show is sold out. Wagner said he'd like to see more showings add, so the Hudson community can recognize the local talent.

"Hopefully a lot of the people in town get to come and see it," he said.