A new piece of art is expected to to bring a "pop" of color surrounded by the blank canvas of the snow this winter. A mural will be added to the warming house that is seasonally placed at Levee Park in Hastings.

Sarah Hodder, deputy city clerk, said that the warming house was chosen for a commissioned piece of art in order to bring brightness and interest to Levee Park when everything is typically washed out.

The Public Arts Task Force team issued a call for proposals in July. Designs for the exterior of the warming house were submitted and the mural entitled "Free Birds" was selected.

"It stuck out right away; we all thought it was a thoughtful design," Hodder said.

Ivette Cabrera and her mural team "the Color Dreamers" proposed a design that features the tree swallow bird, a popular Minnesota bird. According to the artists, the tree swallow bird is a delicate beautiful creature that should be allowed to thrive and inspire people.

The mural depicts birds flourishing in nature with modern and abstract art patterns.

The design is what Hodder describes as realism with some abstract thrown in. She said that the choice was a no-brainer.

Cabrera studied interior architecture and design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and marketing at Columbia College in Chicago. She has curated numerous art shows and worked on various projects from site renderings, interior renovations, public art murals and designed and constructed a home. Her work has been displayed at the Baker Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum, Villa Paula Museum and is part of several private collections. Her work has been publicized in the Huffington Post, Woven Tale Press, Kram Magazine and Forbes Women.

Cabrera and Shakir are from Florida. They will arrive Oct. 13 to begin working on the warming house. They will be using acrylic or oil paints. It will take them about two weeks to complete the project. The finished piece of artwork will be attached to the warming house that will be placed at Levee Park.